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About Us

Southern Utah Drag Stars is a multifaceted company that embraces local drag stars and uplifts queer artists by converging all of our efforts into a full-force queer-run company to present drag and queer events in the region. Book Drag Stars, browse drag show packages, purchase Southern Utah Drag Stars merchandise, or support queer artwork in our Q Gallery

What Rebelling by Existing really means

Southern Utah Drag Stars was built out of the need for queer representation in Southern Utah. After We're Here's controversy, our founder, Mitski Avalox, started the company as a way to represent the queer community while compensating the drag stars for the time and effort they give in putting on a show in Southern Utah.  

Lady Luscious (Left) Mitski Avalōx, Beverly Vesper, Starlett Mars Magazine (Right)

Our Story

Hey, it's Mitski, I wanted to tell you a little bit about how exactly this company was formed. After graduating from Utah Tech University, I was nervous about what direction life would take me, as a transwoman I was sitting at a local coffee shop 

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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